Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your Favorite Travel Photos Of The Year | Christmas Markets | Eating Boston's South End

Thursday, December 15, 2011
It's impossible to imagine going on a trip without taking a few photos. Whether shot on film, snapped on an iPhone, or even Instagramed, there's perhaps no better way to remember an adventure and a year.

With that in mind, we asked our readers -- and editors -- to share with us their favorite snapshots from 2011. From Seattle to Sri Lanka, the responses reached all over the globe.
PHOTOS: 7 German Christmas Markets Outside Germany
Model Who Walked Into Plane Propeller Has Eye Removed
Dutch Gov't Delays Tourists Weed Ban
PHOTOS: A Visit To Seattle's Pike Place Market
PHOTOS: U.S. Airports With The Steepest Ticket Prices
Paul Brady: Misdirected Ire: Why I'll Keep Using Kayak
Travel booking site won't be advertising on future episodes of All-American Muslim, and I couldn't care less.
Necee Regis: The New Hot Zone For Serious Foodies: Boston's South End
This now-chic area has become a magnet for upscale, chef-owned and independently run restaurants. Some say there's more cooking talent along these streets than in the rest of the city combined.
Chie Davis: Caribbean Holiday Travel-Do's & Don'ts for Female Travelers
With reports of holiday travel finally sparking back to pre-recession life, I've compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts -- dedicated to my fellow solo female adventurers!
Margie Goldsmith: Meeting A 500-Year-Old Peruvian Mummy
I moved to the final room. There, in the center of a glass case was Juanita, her hands folded and her knees bent towards her chest.
Oyster: Bed And Breakdown: The Best In-Room Music Amenities (PHOTOS)
Whether it involves bands hitting the road on tour, infamously trashing a suite or taking up temporary residence while working on an album, there's an unmistakably inspirational quality to booking a room and letting loose.

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