Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Regulators Unveil Findings From Major Facebook Audit

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Ireland's data protection commissioner has asked Facebook to improve its privacy practices and offer users more information about how the social network stores and shares their personal data.

The regulator performed a three-month audit of Facebook, described by the DPC as "the most comprehensive and detailed ever undertaken" by the office. The commissioner's report follows less than a month after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission settled charges Facebook "deceived" consumers by changing its privacy policies.
Microsoft Announces End Of An Era
Inside The Egyptian Revolution
Amazon Releases Big Update For Kindle Fire
BUMMER: We're Getting Unhappier, Stats Show
Mark Lemley: Don't Break the Internet
Copyright and trademark infringement on the Internet is a very real problem, and IP owners need tools to deal with that problem. But the power to break the Internet shouldn't be among them.
Wael Ghonim: Best of TEDTAlks 2011, #4: Inside the Egyptian Revolution
2011-12-21-waelwaetedted.jpgSomething Egyptians have proven to be true is that the power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.
Philip Radford: 21st Century Activism: Why Big Business Doesn't Always Have to Be the Bad Guy
When you go onto Facebook or Twitter, your stuff has to be stored somewhere. It's called "the cloud" and if it were a country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world in terms of global warming emissions.
Seth Shostak: Heroic Exploration: Well and Truly Dead?
is it all over? Is heroic exploration now only past tense? Possibly. But I suspect that the banality of a world lacking in secrets -- a globe whose every acre can be perused with the click of a mouse -- is only a temporary setback.
Vicki Larson: Can Loving a Robot Lead to Divorce?
What could be more fraught with legal dilemmas than a love triangle among a married couple and a sexbot? How that might impact a divorce?

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