Monday, December 19, 2011

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama's Best Style Moments Of 2011!

Monday, December 19, 2011
The fashion parade continued for Michelle Obama in 2011, as the stylish first lady kicked up the energy with her Let's Move! campaign and with her wardrobe.

See the gowns, the workout gear and everything in between in our FLOTUS fashion roundup!
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Dear creative people, fashion designers, journalists, filmmakers, artists: you are not included among this year's new recruits. Yet, isn't creativity what makes a nation great?
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A lot of people will get to the end of the holiday shopping season wondering if they could have done better: spent less, gotten better deals, found better gifts or shopped more efficiently.
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There may be no one alive who has crossed paths with more bold names than Manuel Cuevas. The Nashville designer, known for his exquisite embroidery and use of rhinestones and sequins, has dressed five American presidents.
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If you don't want your festive holiday cheer to go south quicker than Rick Perry's presidential ambitions then here are a few useful tips as to the Do's and Don'ts of online shopping.

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