Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Here: Huge Facebook Change Rolls Out To Everyone

Thursday, December 15, 2011
After two months and as many lawsuits, Facebook is at last rolling out a revamped profile design that puts personal histories front and center.

First teased at Facebook's f8 conference in September, the new profile design, called "Timeline," has traded profile pages' discrete sections for an image-rich overview of people's lives. Rather than divvying up a user's profile into categories of content, Facebook's new profile pages deliver a portrait of a person composed of years' worth of relationship status updates, photos, and wall posts.
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2011-12-15-brenfinalfinalfinal.jpgEven if letting ourselves be seen and opening ourselves up to judgment or disappointment feels terrifying, the alternatives are worse.
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While your Website is your first hub, Facebook should be "your number two," because it's where conversations happen. By making yourself and your content available through your Facebook page, it's easier for fans to follow you.
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The fact that social media can have such a domineering effect on the programs we watch on a daily basis is both titillating and frightening all rolled into one.

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