Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HuffPost World Daily Brief: Kim Jong Il Mourners.. Ritual Slaughter Ban Canceled.. Tsunami Clean-Up..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
BEIRUT -- Syrian troops assaulting a northwest town with machine gun fire and shelling have killed at least 100 people in one of the deadliest episodes of the 9-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime, activists said Wednesday.
Chinese Authorities Concede To Demands
Thousands Of Mourners Gather For Kim Jong Il
Cleaning Up Japan's Tsunami-Hit Plant May Take 40 Years
Afghanistan Casualties Increasingly Severe
Dutch Cancel Ritual Slaughter Ban, Cabinet Adopts New Guidelines
John Feffer: Architects of Change
More than a decade ago, I sat down with the head of the academy of architecture in Pyongyang. There was one element missing from their architecture program: North Korean builders paid virtually no attention to energy efficiency
Bernard-Henri Lévy: A Tribute to Edmond Safra
In a word, Edmond Safra was a sort of a total Jew. Or, in the literal sense, an absolute Jew. Or, to quote a saying of my friend Benny Lévy, only twisting it a little, a true "Jew of the century."
Yoani Sanchez: Kim Jong Un and Alejandro Castro Espin: Destined by Blood to Be Dictators?
When Fidel Castro visited Pyongyang in March 1986, almost a million people greeted him, among them thousands of children waving flags with suspicious synchronicity.
Sheena Greitens: Kim Jong Un's North Korea
The death of 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong Il, who died of a heart attack Saturday at age 69, has ushered in a period of instability for North Korea, and a potentially dangerous time for the region -- including the United States and its allies.
Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi: Mayor of Rotterdam: Ahmed Aboutaleb on a Mission to Regenerate
Ahmed Aboutaleb, Rotterdam's mayor, is perhaps one of the most accomplished emigrants in Europe.

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