Friday, December 16, 2011

The Funniest Lines From Last Night's GOP Debate

Friday, December 16, 2011
Thursday night's Republican debate -- the final one of 2011 -- had its fair share of funny moments, and for once we'd say each GOP candidate contributed an equal amount of unintentional one-liners.
Louis C.K.'s Big Win
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John Oliver Podcast CANCELED After Mocking Murdoch
Lucas Kavner: 30 Things I've Learned From Commercials
The average person watches 34 hours of television each week, and a good chunk of those hours are filled with commercials. But what deeper lessons are we actually retaining?
Karl Frisch: The 12 Republican Days of Christmas
This year, the Republican nominating contest has been the gift that keeps on giving. With Christmas and the Iowa Caucuses just around the corner, and since I was not raised by wolves, I know one should always say thank you after receiving a gift.
Pandora Boxx: Out of the Boxx: Pandora's Holiday Survival Guide 2011
I like Christmas and all that jazz, but sometimes the holiday season gets to be a little much. So how do you deal with the cray-cray holiday? Well, I've come up with a list of the top three things to help you cope with the jingle balls' bells' season.
Dan Treadway: College Football Bowls: Breaking Down Every Game Based On Plot Lines From Friday Night Lights -- Week 1
I've made a habit of making Friday Night Lights parallels whenever I'm watching a football game with someone uninitiated with the sport, and for the most parts, its made the game watching experience more fun for both of us.
Jeff Danziger: Trump Drops Out

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