Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Freed From Prison Despite Brutal Attacks, Panhandler Strikes Again

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
A Chicago man accused in 2008 of brutally attacking a woman and knocking out her teeth after she refused to give him a cigarette on a South Loop street was arrested Monday for threatening to kill a man in the city's Uptown neighborhood.

Derrick King, 50, of the 900 block of West Lawrence Avenue, was charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly followed a man from the CTA "L" station at Wilson Avenue and asked him repeatedly for money around 6:30 p.m. Monday, the Chicago Tribune reports. When the man said he did not have any, King allegedly said, "I'll kill you if you don't give me any money," according to a police report.
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David Protess: A Prosecutor's True Calling
Wrongful convictions occur because prosecutors forget that their mandate "in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done," as the United States Supreme Court has decided.
Priya Malhotra: Does Coffee Reduce Cancer Risk?
According to a Harvard University study, "Women who consumed four or more cups of coffee had 25 percent lower risk of endometrial cancer than those who consumed less than one cup per day." I admit, I was skeptical when I first saw headlines about this study.
Andrew Losowsky: Announcing The HuffPost Book Club
The Huffington Post is launching a book club. This is why.
Janet Tavakoli: Wealthy Patriots Wage Class War
A strange thing happened in Chicago. An audience of well-heeled professionals, a mixture of Democrats and Republicans, packed a room to hear Robert Shiller give a presentation on the housing market. At the end of the presentation, there was a bi-partisan revolt.
Robert Koehler: Used-Up Heroes
Violence is a toy we play with as a culture, a commodity we sell. And the heroes born of violence, created in adolescent enthusiasm, are subject to the same dehumanization process as our designated enemies.

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