Friday, December 16, 2011

Fragments Of Mars Probe Crashing To Earth In January

Friday, December 16, 2011
MOSCOW -- A Russian spacecraft bound for a moon of Mars and stuck in Earth's orbit will come crashing back next month, but its toxic fuel and radioactive material on board will pose no danger of contamination, the Russian space agency said Friday.
McConnell: I Will Not Support Any Payroll Tax Deal Without Keystone
Texas Drought Takes Cow Numbers Down By 600K
Debris From Japan Tsunami Reaches West Coast
Does This Law Treat Animal Activists Like Terrorists?
Canada Oil Pipeline Into US Gets Extension Support
Sen. Bernie Sanders: America Must Not Back Down on Sustainable Energy
It is time to put in place stable, long-term policies to support these critical industries. Rather than fight to turn one energy company's demise into partisan points, it is time to point the way towards our energy future -- so that all Americans win.
Peter Gardett: Energy Politics Supercycle Falters
Without gathering around principles that can guide future decisions based on market realities as well as the inevitable role played by political perception, energy companies will have no one to blame but themselves.
Mark Derr: Domesticating Man's Best Friend: How The Dog Became A Dog
In many ways, humans and wolves were made for each other. Both were highly social species who lived and hunted as family units where cooperation was essential to survival.
Corbin Hiar: Why the EPA's Forthcoming Power Plant Rule Is a Big Deal
It's an important moment for Americans who eat fish or use electricity. After more than two decades of delays, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is poised to issue a new regulation restricting some power plant emissions that have polluted the nation's air and water.
ShermansTravel: The Top 10 Hotel Aquariums (PHOTOS)
We've seen our fair share of unique hotel design elements, but the sheer number and grandiosity of on-property hotel aquariums took us by surprise.

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