Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FBI Can't Rule Out Using Controversial Phone Data

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday denied the bureau had ever sought information from the mobile-software company Carrier IQ, but said he could not rule out the possibility it obtained data collected by the controversial software through requests from wireless carriers.
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Evan Shapiro: The Death of Television
To say that television is going to be replaced by online video -- or by anything else -- both misinterprets the facts and misunderstands the very definition of TV.
Sen. John Kerry: Your Airwaves, Your Voice
Hidden in this week's Republican-backed legislation is a provision prohibiting the FCC from encouraging new entrants into the wireless market, thus closing the door to new innovation.
Eli Pariser: Best of TEDTalks 2011, #9: Beware Online 'Filter Bubbles'
2011-12-14-pariseretedtedtedtedtefe.jpgThere's a shift in how information is flowing online -- and it's invisible. But if we don't pay attention to it, it could become a real problem.
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Julius Genachowski: Distracted Driving
When RIM's network went down recently in the UAE, a country with high BlackBerry usage, the number of traffic accidents plummeted -- down 20 percent in Dubai, and 40 percent in Abu Dhabi. Coincidence?

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