Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas-themed Safety Demo | Gorillas Pet Tourist | Tips For Flying With Kids

Thursday, December 22, 2011
MANILA, Philippines -- Who says plane travel can't be fun?

Flight attendants for a low-cost Philippine airline who gained fame by dancing through safety demonstrations are back swaying through the aisles.
WATCH: Gorillas Pet Tourist In Uganda
9-Year-Old Stranded After Southwest Error
Book Offers Stunning Images Of Spanish Bullfights
FBI: Woman Made Threat To Delay Husband's Flight
PHOTOS: Comedian Visits 60 Airports In A Month
Christian Kallen: A Different Kind Of Christmas In Puerto Rico (PHOTOS)
Festivities of the season take a tropical turn in the Caribbean, where Puerto Rico's holiday party just won't quit.
Pam Grout: Coffee With Vervet Monkeys In Limpopo, South Africa
Don't get me wrong. I love being awakened by the sounds of nature (Limpopo's 600 species of birds perform a delightful wake-up call), but caffeine-starved monkeys are not my idea of early morning company.
George Hobica: Larceny In The Air And At The Airport: How Not To Fall Victim
Flying these days isn't just hectic and discombobulating but also is rife with felonious fellow passengers, bandito baggage handlers and shady security screeners.
Diya Luke: 7 Tips For Flying With Young Kids
It may not be as smooth as a business trip, but traveling with toddlers can be less exhausting by making a few adjustments.
Travel & Leisure: Traditional Holiday Foods From Around The World (PHOTOS)
The same old, same old won't necessarily be available abroad, so if you're leaving home for the holidays, embrace the opportunity to savor the season as celebrated in another part of the world.

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