Monday, December 19, 2011

AT&T, T-Mobile Deal Collapses After Fierce Backlash

Monday, December 19, 2011
AT&T Inc. is hanging up on its $39 billion bid to buy smaller wireless provider T-Mobile USA, nearly four months after the U.S. government raised concerns that the deal would raise prices, reduce innovation and give customers fewer choices.
Senators Turn Up Heat On Google Antitrust Probe
Why People Unfriend On Facebook
Google Chairman Hints At New iPad Challenger
And The Least Reliable Blog Site Is...
Kodak, Apple Smartphone Suit Hits Snag
Marcin Jakubowski: Best of TEDTAlks 2011, #6: Open-Sourced Blueprints For Civilization
There is a growing desire around the world to fundamentally remix this relationship with machines and specialization -- to increase access, engagement, and understanding.2011-12-19-marcintedtedted.jpg
Sam Sheppard: Top Five Games for Christmas
As a result of impending festivity, I (albeit at the request of my mum) have been considering what kind of digital entertainment I want to receive on this most jolly occasion. Here are my top five Christmas game wishes.
John Fontana: Stalking Privacy on Facebook, One Psycho at a Time
If you were asked who could harvest a trove of personal data from 10 million Facebook users in just three weeks you might guess company CEO Mark Zuckerberg over Jason Zada. You'd be dead wrong.
Tenzin Dorjee: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted in Tibetan
The linguistic bond that connects all Tibetans has never been stronger. At the grassroots level, Tibetans are embracing new social practices such as texting and tweeting in Tibetan.
Faisal J. Abbas: Twitter Is Definitely 'Trending', Confirms 300 Million Saudi Investment
Earlier today, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) announced a $300m investment in social media site, Twitter, following months of negotiations.

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