Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Reasons Homelessness Could Increase In 2012

Monday, December 19, 2011
As this year ends, the confusing tallies of homelessness in America persist. Take the federal perspective on the number of homeless in our country.
Economic Recovery Slow For U.S. Nonprofits
Major Nuclear Talks Could Be Helped By Food Aid
SLIDESHOW: Last US Troops Return Home From Iraq
36 HOURS AND STILL STANDING: Local Salvation Army Bell Ringer Breaks World Record
Kids Who Aren't Asking For Much
Rabbi Michael Lerner: Occupy Hanukkah and Christmas
One of the reflections of the way both religions have lost their ethical core is that the vast majority of people in both religious worlds have allowed their winter holidays into orgies of consumerism.
Deborah J. Vagins: The Democracy Restoration Act: Creating a Broader and More Just Base of Voter Participation
The Democracy Restoration Act would strengthen our democracy by creating a broader and more just base of voter participation. No citizen should be denied their right to vote due to a past criminal conviction.
Cheryl Saban Ph.D.: Thank You, Cherie Blair
Cherie Blair and I recently hosted a special event in Israel to announce a collaborative effort, "Women talking Women."
Earl Martin Phalen: Unforgettable Moments
During this holiday season, as we give to family and friends, we must not forget children who are growing up in poverty, the homeless, and others who may not have the resources they need.
Randi Weingarten: Restoring Hope to McDowell County
In America, a great public education is our primary opportunity agent for a better future. Yet as our economic struggles have reminded us, educational opportunity and economic prospects are inextricably linked.

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